Versatile Probiotic Haircare : Tela Modern Hair Wear

The Tela Modern Hair Wear Collection Introduces “Textiles for Hair” Tela Beauty Organics by Philip Pelusi launched the Tela Modern Hair Wear Collection as a three-piece product range featuring advanced probiotic technology and more than 35 certified organic ingredients and superfruits. The products in the collection include the Cashmere Hair Souffle Power Blow Out, the […]

Beat Saber Review – Engrossing Musical Swordplay

When virtual reality became a real product we could have in our homes, the platform promised the potential of lush, engaging, and fully realized worlds. We’re still working toward that future, but while we’re waiting, Beat Saber offers one of virtual reality’s best experiences. It doesn’t create a new world to explore; instead Beat Saber […]