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OneBlade’s ‘HYBRID’ Promises No Nicks, Cuts, Bumps or Ingrown Hair

OneBlade recently introduced the ‘HYBRID Razor’ as a mid-priced version of its other single-blade razors, which integrates the best features of both the OneBlade CORE and GENESIS.

At $199, the simple, minimalist razor is half the price of the GENESIS razor yet boasts the ability to deliver a close shave with a minimal learning curve. This is thanks to the design of the razor, which boasts an ergonomic handle and the same award-winning stainless steel head of the GENESIS razor, with the ability to pivot and “deliver zero nicks, cuts, bumps, or ingrown hairs.”

As many people are looking to reduce their consumption of plastic, many are investing in reusable stainless steel razors that can be loaded with disposable blades.

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