20 of Our Best Carrot Recipes You Need to Try

Next time you’re at the grocery store, buy that big bag of carrots. I am always surprised by how cheap a bag is — it will barely set you back a few dollars — and that’s still the case even if you’re buying organic! So, naturally, carrots are a good grocery investment all around. In fact, there aren’t many other vegetables that can be equally tasty roasted alongside a whole chicken as they can be baked into a cake that’s piled with cream cheese frosting.

You’ll have no trouble cooking your way through the bag (and getting a serious dose of vitamin A) — especially if you lean on these recipes for inspiration.

Sides, Salads, and Starters

Carrots make for a colorful side dish or unique appetizer, whether roasted, glazed, shredded for a crunchy salad, or blended into a creamy dip. If you bought that bag of rainbow carrots, you can have even more fun with how the final dish looks.

Carrots become part of the main attraction when they’re tossed with pasta or tucked alongside a roast.

Sweet Breakfast & Dessert Treats

Carrot cake is classic, sure, but carrots can dabble in other sweets too, like muffins and even cookies!

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