Fable-Inspired High Fashion Capsules : Lunar new year collection

Gucci Releases a Celebratory Lunar New Year Collection

Gucci’s Lunar New Year collection is one that mixes the high fashion label’s bespoke pattering with quirky, fable-inspired patches. The result is a strong juxtaposition between themes that just might prove to be incredibly stylish and popular.

2019 is the Year of the Pig and to reflect this, Gucci taps into Disney’s ‘Three Little Pigs.’ The motif is seen on polos, clutches, backpacks, wallets, sweaters, and sneakers. Other nods to the animal of interest appear in flying pig illustrations accross cardigans, sweaters, socks, beanies and more. The striking capsule is presented in an appropriately themed editorial, featuring adorable baby pigs.

Gucci does a good job in reflecting the celebration with style in its Lunar New Year collection. The pieces are available to consumers, ranging from $250 and $1,980 USD in price.

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