Former BitTorrent Exec Says There’s “No Way” Its Token Can Run on Tron : CryptoCurrency

Im betting on the latter- The “Tron Accelerator” contest right now is a shitshow. Basically Tron Accelerator is an alleged $1m prizes for dapps on tron. This was the sole reason why so many eth dapps (ie ethergoo) have been copy-pasting their dapp onto tron, to get a piece of money (No, contrary to the stupid headlines, they are not “jumping ship.” Goo for example plans to continue their main development of World War Goo on Ethereum). The winners for Tron Accelerator were supposed to be announced yesterday but weird stuff is happening, for example suddenly they decided to change the payout structure, and lots of FUD in the tron developers discord. One SR candidate posts:

Nobody even knows that they’ll pay out the full 1,000,000 I can guarantee they won’t. They didn’t pay out the full amount last competition They’re not cutting prize amounts because so many people supposedly entered, they’re cutting them because they won’t pay the full amount. 100 winners is not better than 57 when the majority of those winners took 30 minutes to reskin an existing smart contract on the network You can make all the excuses you want, or try to see the good in it but you’re only lying to yourself When we got $75k shaved off our prize, we weren’t happy because 100 winners were better than 57. They didn’t even pick winners for some of the prizes.

Right now, tron basically has no unique dapps at all. They are all either 1) same concepts from eth dapps ie goo, shrimp farm, fomo which generally are get in early to profit games where botting is valuable, so many of the users you see are not accurate or 2) the same scammy casino dapp-structure from EOS, where basically the casino mints house tokens to players based on volume and people speculate (“mine” them by placing tons of low risk low reward bets) on them thinking they will hold value. On eos, the volume and players for these were incredibly inaccurate again due to botters and devs trying to spoof high volume/users. Funny thing is, justin sun seems to take pride in all these low-effort ponzi and casino dapps based on his retweeting and whatnot (here’s him warmly welcoming ponzi kings Team Just aka POWH3D to build on tron), as if he doesnt even fully understand whats happening or doesnt care. I believe some of these actually will receive prizes in Tron Accel, like really? You want your platform to just be a ponzi/casino chain with exitscams waiting to happen? But then again, what do you expect given DPOS- I doubt people would really trust high level financial instrument dapps on a platform like tron.

Tron games could be interesting if it had developers with unique new dapps that took advantage of the fast speeds to make new concepts, but even still- there has been so many node problems within the last few weeks, ie trongrid outage, where people using tronlink couldnt play dapps or transfer their trx.

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