Why Hunters May Be Releasing Non-native Turkeys in Canada

In a remote area of New Brunswick, Canada, turkeys are being hit by cars, starving, and dying because of the harsh winter climate. How did these birds—who aren’t native to the province—end up either dead on the roadside or searching for handouts in the deep Canadian snow?

When PETA friend Mary delaValette saw two turkeys strutting through her yard, she immediately knew that the non-native birds could be linked to something devious.

For one thing, they appear to be anything but wild. They’ve made the rounds in the neighborhood, picking at birdfeeders and even coming to delaValette when she’s called them. She claims that someone deliberately released captive-bred turkeys in New Brunswick.

Why? “Because they want to start a hunting season,” she told CBC News.

Experts agree that humans could very well be attempting to inflate the province’s turkey population artificially in order to justify killing the animals during a licensed hunting season. Jim Wilson, a naturalist studying the origins of turkeys in New Brunswick, told CBC News that there “are almost certainly birds … being released into the wild by people.”

He emphasized that these turkeys will endure a slow death from starvation and exposure.

For years, bloodthirsty hunters in New Brunswick have pushed for a turkey hunt.

The province’s turkey conspiracy may be yet another ploy by hunters to manipulate and increase animal populations in order to satisfy their lust for a violent blood “sport.”

Releasing “captive exotic” animals is illegal in New Brunswick. But Minister of Energy and Resource Development Mike Holland—an ardent turkey hunter himself—has refused to give any specifics about charging anyone caught illegally releasing turkeys.

Holland—the founder of the Canadian Wild Turkey Federation—has made his opinion about killing sensitive animals for “sport” clear: According to CBC News, he said that it’s “ridiculous” that New Brunswick doesn’t have a turkey hunt.

What You Can Do

Killing animals where they live and raise their families for a cheap thrill is cruel and cowardly. It takes a small person indeed to kill living beings—who are minding their own business—just to feel more powerful and in control. Hunting turkeys is senseless violence, and in New Brunswick, it’s illegal.

Contact Holland and urge him to investigate who is releasing turkeys in New Brunswick and ensure that there are no turkey hunts in the future.

Contact Information for Minister of Energy and Resource Development Mike Holland

Phone: 506-453-3826
Fax: 506-444-4367
E-mail: [email protected]

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