Maybe, somebody trade crypto coins and have a headache managing them all on different Exchanges. This project can help in this case and it’s free. : CryptoCurrency

Trading Interface The possibilities with Bitsgap are limitless, thus including: Prospect the price difference of the pairs and best performing coins with our advanced search engine in unique Marketcap Stay on track with market development and your performance with our interactive dashboard where you can find detailed statistics and key performance indicators for completed transactions […]

Ski-Themed Fashion Capsules : Cherry Los Angeles

Cherry Los Angeles Taps the 70s for Its Latest APEX Collection Cherry Los Angeles’ upcoming ‘APEX’ collection is set to drop on February 8th. The lookbook showcases silhouettes that are unisex, as well as minimalist and playful in design. For the release, the contemporary streetwear brand taps ski culture, more precisely from the 70s era. […]

Five Miniature Games To Get You Into The Hobby

In the cross-section of the tabletop gaming world, miniature gaming has traditionally been especially challenging to embrace as a newcomer. The tactical rules seem daunting, the player base can seem set in its ways and opinions, the price factor of collecting is daunting, and painting minis is really an entire hobby all on its own. […]

Puppy With Heart Defect Gets Hundreds Of Hugs

Logan’s foster siblings began taking him on as many adventures as they could think of, and what started as a small, casual list began to grow and grow. They wanted Logan to have as many experiences as they could possibly fit into his short life. Everywhere they took him, people loved meeting Logan, and Logan […]

Court determines bitcoin qualifies as money, leading to potential string cite

Quick Take United States v. Stetkiw Defendant accused of operating an unlicensed money transmitting business that did not comply with money transmitting business registration requirements Defendant argued that buying/selling Bitcoin without a license isn’t a crime The Court rejected Stetkiw’s arguments, which could lead to a string cite for the proposition that bitcoin is “money” […]

Luxe Refillable Lipsticks : refillable lipstick

Bond No. 9’s New York Lips Collection Channels the City’s Vibrancy New York Lips is a new beauty product collection from Bond No. 9 that offers bold colors inspired by the global city, as well as refillable lipstick packaging. The shades in the New York Lips collection are said to take inspiration from the most […]