Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights Ideas – Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

In a time where the names of hair color trends can easily be mistaken for popular beverages and desserts, brown hair with blonde highlights is a combo that doesn’t have an expiry date. 

A few of the many reasons why the hair color remains a classic is that it’s universal for any shade of brunette, easy to maintain, and is always seasonally-appopriate. Whether your brunette base is a deep chocolate brown or rich auburn, there’s a shade of blonde out there that’ll warm up and add dimension to your color. 

When deciding how blonde to make your highlights, Will Francis, Senior Colorist at Sally Hershberger Salon NoMad, says to take your base shade and the undertones of your skin tone into consideration. “With cool skin undertones, your base color should be a cool espresso to ashy brown with shades of blonde that are neutral to cool — like ash blonde, beige, muted gold” he explains. “This allows a slight warmth without it looking flat. You should avoid red, warm gold, copper, or honey undertones in the hair.” 

As for warm undertones, Francis says that your base shade should fall under the chocolate, rich gold-brown, and auburn categories, with highlights that are carmel, honey, warm gold, or golden blonde. “You should avoid colors that are ash, green, blue, or violet undertones,” he suggests. 

There’s a ton of ways to add highlights to brown hair, but the colorist recommends following a less-is-more approach to get the most realistic look. “The best way to think about it is: How would the sun lighten this brown hair? And where would it showcase these highlights? I always start with the hairline around the face and move to the back where the hair comes from underneath and sits on the shoulders,” he says. “Then (avoiding the root), I subtly highlight throughout the hair, going lighter on the ends.”

Even though highlights are less of a commitment than going full-on blonde, you should still take a little bit of extra care with your color to prevent any brassiness from coming through. Start with a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, and spritz a UV or SPF spray on your hair to prevent the sun from fading it. 

As for what your brown hair with blonde highlights is going to look like, keep scrolling to see how 10 celebs wear the hair color. 

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