Crypto mining rig leads to full-scale police raid in Australia! : CryptoCurrency

I hate using this word but that’s a little victim blamey. Police shouldn’t be able to fucking bust into anyones house because they are using too much power whether they have cameras around or not. Don’t be one of those – you shouldn’t have to be scared if you have nothing to hide people.

“The busted my house, they got in, they heard noises in this room that are a fans, they kicked the door open expecting to find marijuana crops and this is what they found, computers,” said Mr Butvila in a video posted to social media.

“They destroyed my home for computers, this is the Elizabeth Police Station… And when I asked for answer they hang up on me!”

Like, have pity on the guy. He just lost 90% of his shitcoin investment and is running his miner at essentially break even.

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