Own Group and Hamersley Partners collaborate on Digital Assets Platform : CryptoCurrency

Unfortunately, 99% of the people on this subreddit will have none-to-minimal understanding of what this partnership actually means and what CHX is becoming. I would like to ask everyone reading this to take a few hours and research the team, the project, and their partners. Appreciating the importance of this deal and what it means for CHX could make you a life-changing amount of money.

  • Hamersley Partners is an SEC registered BROKER DEALER with over 50 years of Experience. They have over raised over $5.1 Billion in asset.

  • Own’s team come from the world’s largest stock transfer company that provides corporate trust, stock transfer and employee share plan services dating back to its inception in 1978. A team with roots dating back over 25 years in the traditional investment management world. Their enormous global reach, deep understanding of the demands of institutional investors, internally developed, proprietary blockchain infrastructure, and experience with issuers across many different industries.

  • Appreciate what this partnership/deal entails; Own will launch a new Digital Assets Platform – which uses cutting-edge tokenization technology to provide institutional investors with access to new asset classes and services. This will all be run on “CHX” tokens.

I hope this will motivate you to really research this team to decide if you want to invest. I can tell you that I have not seen a single other project even remotely close to this team and what they are on their way to achieve. STOs will be a 50-60 trillion dollar industry and if you are here in 2019, you should be well aware that this “wave” is very close to take off.

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