Mass Sled Dog Grave Discovered At Famous Canadian Sled Dog Kennel

“No rescue organization or humane society has any knowledge of the amazing dogs they are,” Reid continued. “Part of our adoption program is to give people a place where they can call or email with any questions they have regarding their new dog. There are often small suggestions we can make to help the dog adjust faster and smoother if they are having any problems.”

Dog Tales, which is located in King City, Ontario, is a 50-acre rescue and sanctuary that specializes in medical care, training and rehabilitation of animals to prepare them for permanent homes. It has helped to facilitate hundreds of adoptions since 2014 and provides free at-home training support to all adopters.

Reid, however, says the dogs at her kennel do not need the help.

“Chocpaw enforces the standard of care in these forms; health and welfare management, nutrition and feed management, accommodation and housing, husbandry practices, transportation, and euthanasia,” Reid said. “None of our dogs need saving because they are loved and cared for 365 days of the year.”

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