Overnight Anti-Aging Treatments : Night Fix Enzyme Treatment

Murad’s Night Fix Enzyme Treatment Works with the Circadian Rhythm

Murad recently launched its Night Fix Enzyme Treatment as a reparative overnight treatment that uses chronopeptide and a tri-enzyme treatment alongside the body’s circadian rhythm. This product, which supports the body’s natural ability to repair itself, helps to provide skin that looks refreshed, appears healthier, hydrated and more well-rested.

The anti-aging overnight treatment is suited for all skin types and boasts a formula that’s free from parabens, sulfates, alcool, synthetic colors and other controversial ingredients.

The ingredients that power the product include the anti-ageing peptide chronopeptide and tri-Enzyme technology that comes from red and green micro-algae for antioxidant protection. To support sleep, the product also includes patent-pending Aroma technology with a soothing scent to enhance the quality of one’s rest.

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