The biggest martial arts event of Holland sells blockchain-registered tickets. : CryptoCurrency

GUTS Tickets utilizes GET Protocol to create blockchain-based non-toutable smart tickets.

Besides many recognizable dutch artists, GUTS Tickets is also ticketing the biggest martial arts tournament and getting a foot into the sporting sector: Get tickets here:

This is yet another step in the adoption of GET Protocol, which already collaborates with Artists such as Jochem Miyer, Youp van ‘t Hek, ZAZ and many more.

An excerpt from their monthly blog update: “Besides the unwanted scalping of tickets for these types of events, there are also serious security issues that come into play. Traditionally, these types of events can sometimes be plagued by incidents and fights in the audience. This leads to bad publicity and unpleasant experiences for other attendants. Our identity-registered tickets provide event organizers highly valuable information and crowd regulation possibilities, that will assist a great deal in providing their visitors a safe and enjoyable event.”

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