Easy Learning English – Multi subtitles for TED

TEDTube - Study English efficiently for TED

Study English efficiently by listening Popular TED talks Videos!

With TEDTube we can study English funnier, easier with multi-subtitles

without any textbooks.

English TED talks are an excellent way to learn English quickly.

You can listen to TED talks anytime anywhere – at your desk or while you’re

on the move. What better way to pass the time during a long commute than by

immersing yourself in an entertaining talk

With a little dedication, TEDTube will help you quickly improve your listening

skills and proficiency. One perk (benefit) is that all talks have transcripts,

multi - subtitles (a written version of the audio). This means that you can

listen and read at the same time, or look at a transcript if one part of a talk

confuses you.

TEDTube has hundreds of English TED talks videos available right now, and

each video has great subtitles to make learning easier.

Key functions

1. You can see TED Talks in each language.

2. Download favorite and Talk videos

3. At the same time, you can open multi-subtitle (English and your native


5. Show both subtitles when watching TED talks

6. Change the speaker speed that helps you to easier to understand the talks

6. Quick search support


This App is NOT a TED and 39;s official app. TED does not endorse or sponsor this app in any

way. All TED Talks subject to the creative commons license found at

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