Cats Don’t Deserve Antisocial Reputation

Cats Don’t Deserve Antisocial Reputation Katie Taylor By Katie Taylor Proper greatergood_ctg_belowtitle Dogs are continuously praised for their loyalty, affection, and overall goofiness. If you ask someone why they prefer dogs over cats, you might hear, “Because dogs are more friendly!” Cats don’t have the same best-friends-forever reputation. They’re billed as aloof, independent, even snobby. […]

Eco-Friendly Cica Skincare : Centella Green Range

PURITO’s ‘Centella Green Range’ Harnesses the Power of Cica Korea’s PURITO launched its Centella Green Range as a vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, eco-friendly skincare line that is supported by the Environmental Working Group’s framework for safety that empowers consumers to lead healthier lives in a healthier environment. As its name suggests, the Centella Green Range is powered […]