Cluck the Banks: Bitcoin Lightning Network Powers Remote Chicken Feeder

A new and decidedly niche consumer product for Bitcoin’s Lightning Network has launched, allowing anyone to use the payment protocol… to feed chickens. A Different Breed Of Blockchain Supply Chain Currently circulating on social media, facilitates automated feeding of the birds, powered by Bitcoin Lightning Network payments. “Pollo Feed is a automated chicken feeder […]

Bitcoin (BTC) Value Derived From Its Utility

Bitcoin prices up 10.1 percent in the last week. Jesse Lund projects Bitcoin value to hit $1 million in ten years Transaction volumes increase in the last three weeks Jesse Lund is optimistic of future Bitcoin prices valuing the coin at $1 million. Cementing his optimism is increasing adoption which he says draws value and […]

Rik Rapmund’s Tweetstorm about the ‘Partnership’ between VeChain and Amazon Web Services : CryptoCurrency

Hi everyone, this week VeChain announced that they are launching an integrated solution on the Amazon Web Services Cloud. I will explain what this ‘partnership’ means and why I’m excited about it. Enterprises are moving their application workloads from data centers to the public cloud. Amazon Web Services dominates the public cloud market over […]