Crypto News Website Ranking : CryptoCurrency

The break down scores consist of – Titles – Selection Diversity – Facts / Sources – Content Language – Ads/Promo Experience I am hoping we can all make this worth more, by having everyones input on the scores to make it less bias. I put it up on github hoping that everyone can openly discuss […]

Bitcoin [BTC] critic Agustin Carstens warns against central banks issuing virtual currencies

Cryptocurrencies and the digital assets ecosystem are often questioned for its long-term credibility and trade functionality. Adding fuel to the fire, a prominent Bitcoin [BTC] critic listed out the risks associated with central banks issuing their own virtual assets, which could result in “huge operational consequences” and undermine monetary policy-making. Agustin Carstens, the General Manager […]

Amazing presentation by Charles (for the WHOLE cryptospace), great view on current and future look on CRYPTO. MUST WATCH :) : CryptoCurrency

I just LOVE Charles thoughts on the blockchain space. He isnt trying to sell his own blockchain tokens, he talks neutral, about the whole space in such a grand way. Its an eye opener and VERY neutral. Whether you are a BTC maximalist, an Eth maximalist, an EOS believer or XRP/Stellar/IOTA/NEO/NANO, this video speaks to […]