Technical Analysis for May 12, 2018

Of course, news of UpBit involvement in fraud is shocking and more so spells doom for EOS and Tron coin holders. This is because the majority of the exchange’s trading volumes come from the latter’s demand or liquidation. It’s a definite EOS, Tron and Litecoin sell signal visible for everyone here. However, we cannot attribute […]

The Bitcoin Reformation – Forbes

Forbes The Bitcoin ReformationForbesBitcoin has so far proved incapable of scaling up to handle the transaction volumes of the mighty Visa. The Segwit extension implemented last year brought some relief to clogged mempools and astronomical transaction fees, but nowhere near enough to …Bitcoin Voice Is Addressing Censorship in the CryptosphereCryptoSlate‘Flippening’ Between Bitcoin & Ethereum Will Happen […]

Dev Update (April) : CryptoCurrency

Bitcoin (BTC) – $147.35B – $8653.41 Ethereum (ETH) – $68.75B – $691.85 Ripple (XRP) – $27.66B – $0.71 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) – $24.49B – $1430.51 EOS (EOS) – $13.01B – $15.32 Litecoin (LTC) – $7.95B – $140.73 Cardano (ADA) – $7.08B – $0.27 Stellar (XLM) – $5.99B – $0.32 IOTA (MIOTA) – $5.36B – $1.93 […]