French Finance Minister Pledges to Support Crypto and Blockchain-Friendly Financial Policies

At a meeting with French entrepreneurs, including strategic blockchain developer Blockchain Partner, France’s Minister of Economy and Finance, Bruno Le Maire, has pledged his support for cryptocurrencies and underlying blockchain technologies. Bruno Le Maire Pledges Support The minister promised his ‘total and determined support’ for both the crypto and blockchain spaces, while discussing with industry insiders […]

Apple Watch Giveaway by Blockhive : CryptoCurrency

Bitcoin (BTC) – $141.00B – $8274.71 Ethereum (ETH) – $68.74B – $690.84 Ripple (XRP) – $26.77B – $0.68 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) – $21.34B – $1245.35 EOS (EOS) – $10.94B – $12.68 Litecoin (LTC) – $7.75B – $137.07 Cardano (ADA) – $6.50B – $0.25 Stellar (XLM) – $6.09B – $0.33 IOTA (MIOTA) – $5.12B – $1.84 […]

Is Liquidity Network the Golden Key for Ethereum [ETH]

Liquidity Network and Ethereum [ETH] – Scalability has been a prolonged issue surrounding Ethereum [ETH] for almost a year. Back in November at the Devcon3 conference in Cancun, it was the primary topic of discussion, but the weekend ended with no clear solution. There have been various projects to emerge that have the potential to solve […]

Developers Improve HTML5 Gaming Industry, Add Blockchain

Egretia partnered with Egret Technologies to create the world’s first HTML5 blockchain platform with functionality for developers, users, content publishers, and advertisers. The blockchain is needed to solve ongoing issues within the HTML5 industry. To make the new platform work, Egretia leverages Egret software with access to two hundred thousand developers and one billion users. […]

Bitcoin Price Watch: BTC/USD Struggling Near $8,500

Key Points Bitcoin price found support above $8,000 and recovered nicely against the US Dollar. There is a breakout pattern forming with resistance near $8,500 on the hourly chart of the BTC/USD pair (data feed from Kraken). The pair has to move above the $8,500 resistance the 100 hourly simple moving average to gain momentum. […]

NYC- One of the biggest Crypto events with 8500 attendees and around $17 million revenue just from tickets, come to an end yesterday. Here is the summary of the highlights discussions that take place : CryptoCurrency

Bitcoin (BTC) – $142.44B – $8359.69 Ethereum (ETH) – $70.62B – $709.82 Ripple (XRP) – $27.65B – $0.71 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) – $22.42B – $1308.81 EOS (EOS) – $11.60B – $13.48 Litecoin (LTC) – $7.89B – $139.40 Cardano (ADA) – $6.64B – $0.26 Stellar (XLM) – $6.25B – $0.34 IOTA (MIOTA) – $5.42B – $1.95 […]