Oculus Co-Founder Leaves Following Cancellation Of Rift Successor

Brendan Iribe, co-founder of Oculus, has left the company after the company’s owners at Facebook have reportedly cancelled a next-generation Oculus Rift. Iribe confirmed his departure today. According to TechCrunch, Iribe had been heading development of what was internally called the Rift 2, a PC-powered (and thus PC-tethered) headset that iterates on the company’s original […]

Major Layoffs At MMO Studio Trion Worlds

Massive layoffs have reportedly affected MMO developer Trion Worlds today, the studio behind MMOs like Rift and most recently Atlas Reactor. Reports indicate that the company slashed its staff across its U.S.-based studios to only 25 people from a previous 200. The layoffs come as a result of an acquisition from the German Gamigo group, which […]

Ranking Every Single Rockstar Game

Introduction Over the past two decades, Rockstar Games has emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the games industry. Rising up from quirky Scotland-based developers with a taste for pulp and crime fiction, Rockstar evolved radically, shifting into innovators and provocateurs, creating some of the industry’s most influential and blockbuster titles. In the […]

Nike Signs First Ever Endorsement Deal With Esports Player

For the first time ever, sportswear company Nike is signing its first esports ambassador, a 21-year-old League of Legends star named Jian ‘Uzi’ Zihao. The new deal puts Zihao as part of the “Dribble &” marketing team for LeBron James’ upcoming showtime documentary series, Shut Up And Dribble. Zihao will be appearing alongside James while […]

Bethesda Warns That Fallout 76 Might Have Bugs

With Fallout 76, the first online-multiplayer game in the series, on the horizon, Bethesda is eager to start talking about the game. The beta itself launches tomorrow on Xbox One and a week later on other platforms, meaning fans are going to start getting their hands on the game in a matter of hours. Ahead […]

The Madden 19 Afterwords – Game Informer

Madden 19’s launch in August didn’t go as smoothly as developer EA Tiburon hoped. A host of bugs surfaced, and the game’s new RPM motion system wasn’t an unqualified leap forward for the series, among other criticisms. The game has been improved across the board since launch, including addressing some specific problems I asked the development […]

Wonder Woman Sequel Delayed To 2020

Warner Bros. Media The latest Wonder Woman movie, the sequel to DC’s most highly-acclaimed superhero film so far, has been pushed seven months from its November 2019 date into June 2020, occupying a similar summer space to the previous film. The news was tweeted this morning by Wonder Woman star Gal Godot. Super excited to […]