Bethesda Outlines 2019 Plans For Fallout 76

The troubled Fallout 76 launch has kept Bethesda busy trying to stabilize the game and fix glaring issues in the months after launch, but the company is confident enough in its bug-fixing progress at this point to reveal its 2019 content roadmap.  The first major content beat, Wild Appalachia, drops this spring and includes two […]

Blizzard Teases Possible Backstory Of Next Overwatch Hero

Blizzard uploaded a mysterious document today on its PlayOverwatch website. The report details a clandestine operation in Haiti. A small task force is charged with securing or – if resistance is met – eliminating a Talon VIP by the name of Jean-Baptiste Augustin. In the document, Dr. Cuerva, leader of the aforementioned unit, mentions Baptiste’s unmatched skill as […]

New Dawn Is What I’ve Always Wanted From Far Cry

Far Cry 5 launched last year to divisive reactions. Count me among those who flat-out did not care for the game. The series’ strong gunplay and sturdy progression system remained, but years of chasing after Vaas’ brand of villainy and edgy storytelling made Far Cry 5’s narrative nearly unbearable.  The attempts to balance wacky shenanigans with a […]

For Some Reason, There Is A PUBG x Tera Crossover Event

Crossovers can be really fun and it’s always cool to see two incredibly disparate things come together to watch their interactions. Then sometimes crossovers happen that could be amazing in a milkshake-and-fries sort of way but leave you scratching your head the entire time. It’s hard to say if the upcoming crossover of MMORPG Tera […]