Nanoparticles from tea leaves ‘destroy lung cancer cells’

Image copyright Getty Images Nanoparticles derived from tea leaves could be the key to a leap forward in treating lung cancer, scientists have “accidentally” discovered. The joint Swansea University and Indian team was actually intending to create markers for detecting tumours. They were amazed to discover the “quantum dots” they manufactured destroyed 80% of the […]

Germ clue to childhood cancer

Image copyright SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY A UK researcher believes science has now identified what can cause the most common type of cancer in children. Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia affects one in 2,000 children before they turn 16. Prof Mel Greaves of the Institute of Cancer Research thinks it starts with a mutation picked up in the […]

How to Age Well and Stay in Your Home

She knows that the most common response of aging parents to their children’s concerns is, “I’m fine” when they insist, “You’re not fine.” She’s found that things usually can work out if the parties are willing to meet in the middle. “Spend a few days in the house with your parents, watch how they get […]

Patients lose hip replacement court case

Image copyright Getty Images Hundreds of patients have lost the first round of a legal battle for compensation at the High Court over allegedly “defective” hip implants. A judge ruled that manufacturer DePuy was not liable to the 312 patients who claimed they had been injured by the implants. Claimants say the metal-on-metal hips were […]

To vaccinate more girls, involve the teachers

To vaccinate more girls, involve the teachers Vaccination in a nursery school – CDC Global Author :  Brian Atuhaire Brian Atuhaire, MPH is an immunisation programme and system expert, and consultant with WHO, providing technical support to African countries on new vaccine introduction. He is a 2018 Aspen New Voices Fellow.  Traditionally, health workers have led […]