Lavender’s Soothing Scent Could Be More Than Just Folk Medicine

Trilobites In mice, researchers found that some components of lavender odor had effects on anxiety similar to taking Valium. ImageA lavender field in Valensole, France.CreditCreditEric Gaillard/Reuters Lavender bath bombs; lavender candles; deodorizing lavender sachets for your shoes, car or underwear drawer; lavender diffusers; lavender essential oils; even lavender chill pills for humans and dogs. And […]

Cervical screening: Millions missing smear tests

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionWhat happens during a smear test? About three million women across England have not had a smear test for at least three-and-a-half years. GPs are trying to improve take-up rates as figures show up to half of women under 50 in some areas have not had a […]

Researchers Explore a Cancer Paradox

It was possible, the scientists knew, that skin was peculiar. Maybe inside the body, away from the onslaught of ultraviolet rays, were healthy cells that didn’t carry these key mutations. To find out, the researchers decided to study cells of the esophagus. The team gathered tissue samples from nine healthy organ donors who had died, […]

Project Baseline Aims to Ward Off Illness Before We Get Sick

The Project Baseline researchers are learning this firsthand. They say they have discovered and promptly alerted participants to potentially lethal conditions that might otherwise have gone unnoticed, like cancer and aortic aneurysms, so they can seek appropriate medical care. But some of the participants have also been frightened by fairly innocuous findings, like chest X-rays […]

Why to be wary of eating ‘pink’ lamb

Image copyright Getty Images Salmonella food poisoning is normally something that people associate with undercooked chicken or eggs. But The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is reminding the public that eating some types of “pink” lamb or mutton can also pose a risk. Since June, 165 people in England have become ill with Salmonella typhimurium bacteria […]