Sepsis Is a Common Cause of Hospital Deaths

Sepsis, a life-threatening response to infection, is a common cause of deaths in hospitals, according to a new report. The study looked at 568 people who had died in hospitals and whose average age was 70. More than half had sepsis, and it was the immediate cause of death for nearly 200 of them; another […]

The Financial Toxicity of Illness

It sometimes seems baffling to me: I put my life on the line for research to produce a cancer medication that — if and when it is put on the market — I probably could not afford. Its miraculous prolongation of my existence, for which I am ever grateful, deepens my concern about those who […]

U.S. Investigating Johnson & Johnson Over Baby Powder’s Safety

The Justice Department and Securities and Exchange Commission are investigating Johnson & Johnson over concerns about possible asbestos contamination of its popular baby powder and other talc-based products, the company said Wednesday. In a securities filing, Johnson & Johnson said it was “cooperating with these government inquiries and will be producing documents in response” to […]

The Medical Tech that Helps You When Your Doctor Can’t

Eargo’s chief executive, Christian Gormsen, argues that this makes more sense than the current model he describes as “archaic,” where dispensers are licensed by state-level boards and can only operate within their state. “I believe in a professional that’s certified. I don’t care whether that person is certified in California or Colorado … It’s like […]