Washington, D.C., Tells Circus: No Animal Shows

In a resounding victory for animals, PETA has learned that the notorious Garden Bros. Circus will be allowed to carry out its scheduled performances in Washington, D.C., this weekend with willing human participants only—no animals can be forced to perform. DC Health denied the circus an Exotic Animal Permit. Garden Bros. has an “F” rating […]

PETA and This Rat Have a Message for President Trump

As the world’s eyes turn once again toward Mar-a-Lago, PETA will be there with a message for President Trump about the National Institutes of Health (NIH) budget: This mobile billboard will circle the resort all weekend: Forty-seven percent—or $15 billion—of NIH’s annual budget is wasted on cruel experiments on animals that fail to produce cures […]

Breaking! FOUR PAWS International To Rescue 40 Wild Animals Suffering In Gaza Zoo By End Of Month; Donations Needed To Support Their Rescue Efforts

After weeks of arduous negotiations, FOUR PAWS International has announced that it will rescue more than 40 animals, including five lions, from horrific conditions at Gaza’s oldest and most notorious zoo at the end of March. Once the evacuation is complete, FOUR PAWS will initially place all rescued animals in sanctuaries in Jordan. Earlier this […]

Breaking! Southern California’s Coastal Mountain Lions Are Headed For Extinction Within The Next 15 Years Unless We Act Now

Mountain lions in California’s Santa Monica and Santa Ana Mountians are heading rapidly towards extinction, a new study in Ecological Applications finds. Researchers with UCLA, UC Davis and the National Park Service found that habitat loss and fragmentation have driven the populations to dangerously low levels of genetic diversity. With inbreeding, the Santa Monica population of big cats could go extinct in […]