Destiny 2 Steam Version Will Be Free To Play

This drastic change has fans excited and let’s see what the game will include.

Destiny 2 steam version is a testament of how Bungie has full control over the IP after splitting with Activision. Much to the delight of gamers who are fans of shooter looters, the game is going to be free to play as well.
Bungie revealed all of the information in June and it came as a pleasant surprise to almost everyone. It was a surprise because of how the developers treated the community in the past. That was presumably all because of the pressure put on them by the publisher and now they are looking to mend broken bridges with the community.

Destiny 2 Steam version itself is quite fascinating, no one was expecting Bungie to pull this off but they did. That’s not all though, they are making the game free to play and bringing in amazing features we never thought Destiny 2 would get. Here are some of the best changes being introduced this fall:

Destiny 2 Free To Play

It was a shock to everyone who heard it but it was quite necessary to do. While Destiny 2 saw amazing preorders and the initial number of sales, the player base dwindled and abandoned the title after controversy after controversy hit. Many of the microtransactions in the game were overpriced and some people were turned off by the seemingly underwhelming DLC offerings which didn’t offer much in terms of gameplay. The move to make Destiny 2 Steam version free to play is a good one because it will attract new players to try out the game and give it a chance. Despite the initial backlash by the community, the game has made some genuine progress in the two years it’s been around.

Destiny 2 Steam Brings Free Content

One major point to be noticed about the announcement is the inclusion of all paid DLC in the free to play version. Only the latest expansion named Shadowkeep will be locked off to free to play players in the game. Any expansion released up till now is going to be completely free and included in the Destiny 2 Steam edition. It’s a great step in making sure players have the same content to enjoy when the game releases and when everyone jumps on the Steam version.

Cross-Platform Transfers

Destiny 2 Steam version brings something different and almost unseen in the gaming world as well. You can transfer your character data between Xbox, PS4, and PC without any problems. We are short on details about how this will all work but if it is what Bungie says it is, we will be able to play on any platform and boot the game on another and continue. There is not a lot of information about how it would all work but we are sure Bungie are trying their best to bring the best deal to the players. One thing is for sure, players can transfer their character to Destiny 2 Steam versions.

Destiny 2 Steam Version

Rest assured we will revisit Destiny 2 on steam once it releases on the platform. It seems like a great game that is only going to get better this time around. Until then you can visit the link below and check out what we have on offer for you. It might not be Destiny 2 but it will keep you entertained for a long while to come.

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