Super Mario Maker 2: Beginner’s Guide

Just last June 28, 2019, Nintendo released the game Super Mario Maker 2. The game is available for Switch and retails for $59.99.

If you haven’t played the prequel game or new to the world of Mario, here’s our beginner’s guide to Super Mario Maker 2!

What is Super Mario Maker 2?

Super Mario Maker 2 is a side-scrolling and game creation system developed by Nintendo. In the game, players create their own custom courses that they can play and share to the world!

Super Mario Maker is a sequel to the successful game of the same title. The original game was released back in 2015 and it was a massive success. As of 2018, it has sold over 4 million copies worldwide.

The classic Mario game continues to be played by millions of people worldwide thanks to the ever-innovative and supportive developers of the game, Nintendo. Almost four years ago, players gained the ability to have their creativity run wild while playing the game they dearly love. Thus, Nintendo brings back the game with more features, costumes and modes than ever.

How to download and play Super Mario Maker 2

As mentioned, the game is available exclusively to Nintendo platforms and you can download it directly through them. However, you can also download it online. Note that the off-device download option is only available for residents of the U.S and Canada.

Steps in downloading Super Mario Maker 2 online:

  1. Create a Nintendo account here:
  2. Go to and search for Super Mario Maker 2
  3. After clicking the game title, click “buy physical”.
  4. Select from the available merchants and you’re good to go!

Everything you need to know about Super Mario Maker 2

Whether you’re a beginner who just bought your Nintendo Switch or someone who’s just curious, read on! We’re going to keep you up to speed into every terminology used by the community. Here’s our Super Mario Maker 2 guide to terminologies:


Kaizo – Roughly translated from Japanese, means “reorganize, restructure or reconstruct”. Kaizo is used to describe the more difficult levels which need specific inputs needed to clear the course.

New Sup – No you can’t make soup in this game. This is an abbreviation of New Super Mario Bros.

Troll – Used to describe levels that are created for the sole purpose of infuriating the players. This is because the course is extremely impossible to complete.


Blind Jump – Is when you’re required to make a jump not knowing where to land.

YOLO Jump – Players do this when instead of going for the obvious path, they Blind Jump hoping to skip a part of making the level easier.

Cheese – A successful YOLO Jump.

Respawn – When an object loads into the game, this is called spawning. There are times that when you move away and come back where the object spawned will cause it to respawn.

JANK – Anything that is inconsistent in a level.

Spaghetti – No you can’t eat spaghetti in the game. This term is used to describe a situation when a player completely fails a supposedly easy section of a level.

Yatta – A Japanese term for ‘Hooray’.

Softlock – Used to describe a situation wherein a player is stuck and can’t be killed. The only options are to let the timer expire or manually restart the game.


Death Door/Death Pipe – A door or a pipe that will get you killed.

Dev Exit – Short for Developer Exit is a secret passage hidden in the course that allows the creator to upload the course without clearing it.

Final Thoughts

That’s our beginner’s guide to Super Mario Maker 2. As much as it’s fun to try out every single level there is, remember that players can only download 32 different courses at a time. Also, familiarize yourself with the terms used in order to enjoy the game more!

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