Android – How To Create Additional User Accounts

Anyone who is conversant with any of the best android phones we are using today would understand that you cannot use such devices without a user account that can be tied to a functional email account.

It is just part of improved and extra measures for securing such smart devices and preventing unauthorized persons from gaining access to any of your sensitive information and other related data that are worth protecting.

And besides the activities of malicious phone users, there are occasions where you cannot help but prevent your loved ones, especially kids from tampering with certain android apps on your smartphone, just so nothing unfortunate eventually happens to your smartphone.

A very good way to manage the way your phone is accessed is by creating an extra user account that can be accessed by others and you choosing the kind of apps the users can have access to since you are the one with the admin account. This is an extremely efficient way of keeping things tight on your android device, while making sure your apps and data are totally secured and safe from any form of mishap.

Your ears must be itching on how you can have this done, and we are very glad to show you the steps you are to take.

Outlined below are the steps one could take in adding user accounts to their android smartphones:

  • Launch Settings, and scroll downwards to locate System
  • Click on Advanced so you can be ushered to a page with more options
  • Choose the Multiple User option
  • Click on the + Add User icon so that a new account can be created, and click on Ok when you see the next message that will be popped up.
  • There will be another message screen prompting you to set up the new user account. Click on Set Up Now for switching to the newly created account.
  • Click on Continue to proceed.
  • Input the login parameters for the newly created account as instructed.
  • Agree to their Service Terms and Privacy Policies.
  • Use a Passcode, PIN or fingerprint.
  • Set up the Voice Match so that Google Assistant can function as instructed.
  • You will be given an option to include an additional email account, customize your font size, choose wallpapers, as well as reviewing additional apps. You can select any one you prefer or simply click on No Thanks.

If you want to go back to the admin user account, expand your notification bar completely, click the profile icon, and then choose Owner.

Note: every added account on your smartphone are capable of accepting updated app permissions, which means you have to be doubly sure of who you are sharing that device of yours with. Interestingly, since you are the person with the admin account, there are a couple of things you are entitled to which cannot be done by the added user account.


There is no need having a heartache simply because your kids are using your smartphone. You can save yourself all the headache and suspense when you create an account specifically for them. Just observe the steps that have been outlined above and you are good to go

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