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5 Amazing 2019 Android Tricks and Hacks You Probably Never Knew

The Android Operating System has continued to dominate the market for obvious reasons. Users are not getting any breathing space as developers keep rolling out applications upon applications. The good part is you can expect anything when Android is concerned.

Therefore in this 2019, what are those 5 amazing wonders you probably never knew you could do with your smartphone?

Glide along with this post, as I show you a few tips and tricks you never thought were possible on android.

Linux Installation on Your Android Device without Root

Every Linux geek is certainly going to be thrilled at this discovery. Yes, you just heard it right! You can access your lovely Linux interface on your Android smartphone. Previously, you needed root access before you could install the Linux command line onto your smart device.

Fortunately, you no longer have to root your device before you can do that, particularly when you have the Debian Noroot app.

Use LED Flash As Well As Camera For Monitoring Heart Rate

While this may sound extremely astounding, this is quite achievable, particularly if you are using an android smartphone. You do not need any special heart rate monitors for tracking your pulse rate when you’ve got an android device. Nevertheless, before you can use your android smartphone to successfully monitor your heart rate, you will need to have a particular app. A very example of the said app is Instant Heart Rate.

The way these apps function is that they allow you put your finger on your LED flash, while the app employs the camera in tracking colour alteration beneath your skin, as a means of monitoring blood flow.

Tweaking Status Bar With System UI Tuner

You mustn’t stick with your default status bar on your android device. If you are bored of looking at it, then here is your perfect opportunity to spice things up a little. And guess what? You won’t be needing any third party apps for getting this done.

To tweak your status bar, you need to enable ‘System UI Tuner’. This can be achieved by holding the settings icon present on the notification menu. When you have done that, the systems gear will begin to rotate, followed by a toast: ‘System UI Tuner has been enabled’

Tracking Your Android Device

Losing your smartphone can be a devastating experience for anybody. But if you are reading this post now, just as I suspect, then you are just about to put all of that behind you. That is because you can now track and recover your phone the moment it goes missing.

This is how it works: the moment you finish adding a Google account to your device, the Find My Device tool becomes activated automatically. What that means is that whenever you misplace your phone, you could go straight to on any of the browsers and sign in with your account on the missing android device.

After signing in, you can decide to lock the phone down, do data erase, etc., on the condition that your missing android device has internet access.

Access Notifications That Were Swiped Away

Often times you can just be super excited and forget to read your notifications properly before swiping the items away. And when that happens, you feel like kicking yourself on your butt. Don’t worry, you are not alone!

To solve this, long press your home screen so it displays screen-adjusting mode. Hit widget and access the Settings shortcut widget (it is similar to the normal settings gear). Drag it onto your Home screen, after which it will show up some basic shortcuts such as devices, battery, app info, notification log, etc. Select the notification log and you would see all the previous notifications along with their apps and different times.

Extra Tip: This method can equally be used to view a WhatsApp message that was deleted by the sender.


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