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iPhone 11: All the rumors

The time of the release of the new iPhone is around the corner. It is speculated that the upcoming iPhone 11 will come with a lot of changes from the specs, features to its design compared to its predecessor’s — iPhone X series.


Over time, we have rounded up a myriad of rumors and news about this most awaited iOS device of 2019. In this post, we are going to reveal them all. So, without dawdling, let’s get down to business…

Name, Models and release date:

If Apple follows the history, then this year’s iPhone will be named iPhone XI or iPhone 11. As the iPhone X had a number of variants, it is likely that it will be the same for the iPhone 11 as well. So, you might hope for some additional iPhone 11 models which might be named as iPhone 11 Max or iPhone Plus.

Whatever the names, there is a rumor that Apple will release 2 iPhone 11 model with OLED display. And another cheaper version with an LCD display. However, it is not yet sure if Apple is going to provide us with a cheaper iPhone 11 variant.

Usually, Apple releases the iPhone in September every year. For instance, the iPhone X series was announced on September 12, 2018. And it was available for pre-order from September 14. From that, we can say that it will be similar for iPhone 11 this year as well. So, you have to wait at least till September for the official announcement.

Design & the Cameras:

If we talk about the design of the new iPhone, then we must talk about its rumored camera system. There is a rumor that the new iPhone will have triple cameras on the back. Nowadays, this is nothing new. However, the triple camera system of iPhone 11 has become the talk of the town after the release of a couple of rendered pictures of the phone’s backside.

On those pictures, we can see that there is a square shaped space on the back of the phone. And, it seems that the triple-camera lenses will sit on there. From the renders, this looks like a futuristic design. But, it also opens the possibility that there will be a bigger bump on the back of the new iPhone. Another interesting thing is that Google recently released a picture of the back of their upcoming Pixel 4. And, we saw that they have already implemented this new triple camera system on their Pixel Series.

About the front side — there’s still a lot of debates are going about the front side of the upcoming iPhone. From a leak, we have come to know that there will be a notch in the new iPhone. It might be similar to the iPhone X series. But, the notch will be shrunken down a notch (no pun intended) with this iteration of iPhone. Another leak has provided us with the information that Apple is going to bring massive design changes with the 2020 iPhone. So, the 2019 iPhone will look a lot similar to the iPhone X from the front.


It is inevitable that the new iPhone will get a huge upgrade in the specs section. For instance, we might see the iPhone 11 will come with the upcoming A13 bionic chip instead of the A12 one. The battery backup will also get an upgrade. It is likely the iPhone 11 will have a battery between 3100 mAh to 3600 mAh. Along with that, the RAM and the storage space will get a boost as well. It seems that the base internal storage of iPhone 11 will be 128 GB at least.

Also, it might come with USB-C connectors which will make it easy to connect to most of the other gadgets. On top of that, there’s speculation that it will support reverse charging like the iPad Pro. Also, it will support fast charging. There might be a 12 MP camera at the front whereas it was a 7 MP one in the iPhone 10.


We don’t know anything for sure about the pricing of iPhone 11. However, we can guess it from the price of the iPhone 10 series. For instance, the iPhone XS MAX is priced at $1149, the iPhone XS is $999. Lastly, the cheapest iPhone X is the iPhone XR which comes at a price of $749.

Looking at that, we can say that the price range of the new iPhone 11 would be close to the above pricing. So, you won’t have the best iPhone without spending more than a thousand bucks.

Our Last Words:

From all the rumors and speculations, it seems that Apple is keeping a lot of new features and upgrades up its sleeves for the 2020 iPhone. So there mightn’t be a lot of huge changes this year. For instance, the screen sizes of the iPhone 11 series might remain the same as the iPhone X series. So, this year, we might end up getting a new iPhone which might still look like its predecessors.

Again, we have also heard that there won’t be a 5G model of the iPhone 11. However, if you are a fan of mobile photography, then you will be happy with the new and upgraded camera system. They are also bringing a lot of new features on the camera app. Also, the phone will come with the upcoming iOS 13. That might be a point of interest as well. So, what do you think of the new iPhone XI? Don’t forget to tell us in the comment section below.

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