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What’s in Store for the Google Pixel 4? Features, Design, & More

The Pixel range by Google has been a real centerpiece of the Android collection since its launch in 2016, and the Pixel 4 is starting to build up a fair bit of anticipation. With all the hype about Google’s next flagship smartphone, we figured we’d have a look at what’s doing the rounds to give you an idea of what to expect.

Thing is, it might not be the stir they’d hoped for. Many outlets have seen what the Pixel 4 is supposedly going to look like and recoiled in horror. Yes, the Pixel 4 isn’t quite as sexy as the iPhone X. In fact, we’re starting to wonder if the geeks at Google have taken all the design work on themselves when maybe they should have gotten someone whose life doesn’t just involve tech and Minecraft to have a look.

But then, the phone really isn’t all that ugly. It’s probably more the case of personal opinion, anyway. While it’s not going to be the hottest thing in town design-wise, it’s likely to pack a much more serious punch on the inside.

What’s on the inside: Pixel 4

When it comes to judging a smartphone, it can be all too easy to simply look at the exterior and make our minds up – ignoring what’s really happening on the inside. After all, this is where the ‘smart’ comes into play. While we can’t confirm exactly what will be inside the Google Pixel 4, there have been several leaks which indicate what to expect.

Telephoto lens: In a recent leak, it appears that the Pixel 4 will feature a telephoto lens. This was seen in some files that were revealed – one of which was titled SABRE_UNZOOMED_TELEPHOTO. This should be enough to convince most pundits that the Pixel 4 will feature a telephoto lens on the rear.

A telephoto lens allows users to take photos have a deeper depth of zoom than in a standard camera. This means that you can take photos zoomed in without losing quality in the picture. It’s something that we’ve seen before on smartphones – notably the iPhone 8.

Dual cam… at least: The Pixel 4 will supposedly feature two camera lenses, possibly three, as well as a flash and a sensor on the back of the phone in a square. This has been confirmed by an image that Google themselves tweeted showing the rear of the Pixel 4.

It’s pretty much an industry standard now to ensure that all flagship smartphones have at least two cameras. Nokia have even pushed the bar up to five, and LG have patented (although, not began developing) a 16-lens camera!

The quality that these dual-lens cameras can bring to the table is impressive, and it means that users will really enjoy the results of their photography with the Pixel 4. How did we ever get by with just one camera?

Google Pixel 4 XL design concept – not so shabby after all.

Design: It seems the Pixel 4 will feature two front-facing cameras to up the selfie game – an area that many smartphones have been neglecting. It will also potentially remove the fingerprint scanner and replace it with a voice or facial recognition scanner. This is something that not everyone will be pleased about, but then, it’s not confirmed that the fingerprint scanner is going yet, so don’t worry.

Processing: The Pixel 4 will apparently feature a Snapdragon 855 chipset, as well as 6GB of RAM – 2GB more than the Pixel 3. This is exciting news in terms of processing and means that the Pixel 4 will be capable of doing some great deeds. It will also come kitted out with Android Q, of course.

Possible dual SIM support: Some leaks have also suggested that the Pixel 4 will feature dual-SIM support. This would mean that you could either have two SIMs active at once, or have a regular SIM and an eSIM. Either way, it’s a solid feature to have in a phone and makes travelling much easier.

Stereo speakers: Music is life, and life is music. With the Pixel 4, we’re hoping to see stereo-quality speakers. Given that the Pixel 3 had one of the best cameras we’ve ever seen in a smartphone, it’s likely that the company will take us on another tech-ride by giving us the best speakers we’ve encountered on a phone.

The images leaked so far seem to suggest bottom, front-facing speakers, which would enhance the sound volume – rather than having your music shooting to the floor, it will actually be on course for your ears.

Headphone jack? We cannot confirm whether the Pixel 4 will have a headphone jack or not yet. The latest iPhone appears to be doing away with the headphone jack given the rising popularity of wireless headphones. It appears likely that this is the future trend of flagship smartphones, so it’s possible that the Pixel 4 will follow suit.

Cost and launch date

So, we’re expecting the Pixel 4 to launch later this year – likely around October or November. It’s the general trend of Google to launch the Pixel range at this time of year. Since 2016, that’s what we’ve seen and it’s become a nice staple in the smartphone market just before Christmas.

You can expect the Pixel 4 to cost upwards of $1,000. This is now the standard for any flagship smartphone and while it’s a steep price to pay, you really are getting the cutting edge of human consumer technological development. Only the military has cooler toys than this.

Google doesn’t seem to want to stir up too much anticipation. They’re being relatively quiet about the Pixel 4 – apart from their tweet – and even that was done in a pretty introverted manner.

The wrap-up

Some have said the Pixel 4 will look horrible. Others are saying it’s too soon to call that. What’s for certain is that the phone will be capable of some seriously cool stuff. We’re expecting a cutting edge camera and speakers to put the competition to shame. Here’s waiting for Autumn!

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