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Amazon Prime Video Vs. Hulu: Which One Will Be Best For You?

Video streaming services are becoming part of our everyday lives. And with the mobile world changing a lot of things around us, fans no longer need to sit in front of their big screens before they can follow their favorite shows or watch their best movies.

Fortunately, other options in terms of video streaming services are becoming available and it makes sense if one can tell which one will be best for them. So between Hulu and Amazon Prime Video which one deserves your patronage?

Package Costs

Amazon has two price categories. One is the $119 per year plan for people with student email addresses, or you could pay the usual $13 every month. Both these versions comprise the available Amazon perks such as privileged discounts on selected items, video as well as music streaming, and cloud storage.

Another interesting thing about Amazon Prime videos is that you do not need to pay any extra cost for 4K Ultra High Definition Content. Also, an account can be shared with loved ones so they can partake in all the deals.

For Hulu, it costs $6 for the service that hosts ads, while you could get the version that is free from any ads for just $12. Hulu equally engages their users with live TV streaming services which is similar to PlayStation Hue or Sling TV. Hulu’ live TV streaming service goes for $45 a month. Plus, over 50 live streaming channels.

You definitely have a huge responsibility on your hands regarding which one to subscribe to.

Content Quality and Quantity

If you are using Amazon Prime Video, then you can be sure of getting spoilt with thousands of options. It has been established that Amazon has got more titles than Hulu and Netflix put together. Amazon should be your pick if you are looking for quantity.

Hulu, in stark contrast, has the best stock in terms of TV shows. If you are looking for an alternative to accessing major TV networks, Hulu can be a reliable pick. A lot of shows are available on their shelf 24 hours after they have been aired live. Hulu also has a rich collection of movies, if you love to do movies too, even though it is obvious that that is not their major selling point.

Hence, if your consideration for a content streaming service is based on Quantity or Quality, I guess you know where to look by now.

Supported Devices

Before you do anything, it will be wise for you to ensure that your device is supported by any of the said content streaming services. it is a good thing that Amazon and Google are no more fighting each other, which makes it possible for Amazon Prime Videos to be available on Chromecast as well as Chromecast Ultra.

Some of the supported devices comprise anything that runs iOS or Android, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV. Nevertheless, you can head to the websites of the two services so you can have a firsthand info on whether your device is fit for streaming their content or not.

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